Our on-site property survey service is an absolute must for anyone interested in installing solar panels. Wondering why it’s so essential? Let us shed some light on that!


Embarking on your solar energy journey with us means accessing the expertise of our experienced designers who conduct a comprehensive on-site property survey and roof assessment. By carefully analysing your roof’s structure, orientation, and shading patterns, we can determine the most suitable placement for solar panels, ensuring a tailored layout that maximises energy efficiency. Our primary goal is to utilise the full potential of solar energy, guaranteeing you get the utmost value from your solar investment for years to come. Through a thorough on-site survey, we can ensure optimal system performance and efficiency, allowing you to harness the sun’s energy through solar power effectively.

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Key Parameters for a Successful Solar Installation

Type of Property

The first step in a solar site survey is to identify the type of property under consideration. Whether it’s a residential home, commercial building, industrial facility, or any other structure, understanding the property type helps in tailoring the solar solution to meet specific energy needs.

Type of Roof

The type of roof plays a significant role in determining the feasibility of a solar installation. Roofs can be composed of various materials such as asphalt shingles, metal, clay tiles, or flat concrete. Each type has its own installation requirements and considerations, which the survey assesses to ensure compatibility with the solar system.

Roof Space Availability

The available roof space directly influences the solar system’s size and capacity. The survey evaluates the total available area for solar panel placement and determines the optimal configuration to achieve the desired energy output.

Roof Orientation

The orientation of your roof refers to its direction in relation to the sun’s path throughout the day. The angle and direction of your roof play a significant role in how much sunlight your solar panels can capture. To optimise solar energy production, it’s crucial to position the panels to receive the maximum sunlight exposure.


Shading occurs when certain objects, such as trees, nearby buildings, or chimneys, cast shadows on the solar panels. Even a small amount of shading can significantly reduce the energy output of your solar panels. By pinpointing these obstacles, we can make informed decisions on panel placement and take necessary measures to minimise shading impact.

Electrical Infrastructure

The survey also takes into account the current electrical infrastructure of the property. This includes analysing the size of the existing electrical connection to ensure it can accommodate the additional solar-generated electricity. Additionally, the survey assesses the most suitable location for connecting the solar system to the property’s electrical panel.


Our project designers are more than just experts in solar design; they are experiences energy consultants with a wealth of knowledge. Leveraging their expertise, they conduct a detailed solar survey, thoroughly assessing your property’s unique characteristics to devise the most efficient solar solution. Utilising interactive online tools, they craft roof designs based on the survey, creating detailed 2D or 3D models that illustrate the optimal solar panel layout. These comprehensive proposals empower our customers with vital information, including system performance figures, environmental benefits, and electricity bill savings estimates. Moreover, the proposal outlines the solar system’s functionality, offering a clear overview of how it will seamlessly integrate with your property. Our designers ensure transparency by including the payback period, demonstrating the rapid return on your solar investment.

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The solar survey is a crucial step in the process, and we understand the significance of having detailed insights before making any commitments. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer the solar survey as a non-obligatory service. The cost of the survey is seamlessly incorporated into the solar system proposal. This means that when you receive the proposal, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the solar solution, its performance figures, the environmental benefits, and the projected electricity bill savings. Our transparent approach empowers you to make informed decisions about your solar investment. We want you to feel confident about the value and benefits our solar system will bring to your property.

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