A dedicated team of solar energy enthusiasts committed to providing comprehensive solutions, all aimed at making renewable energy accessible and sustainable for everyone.


The formation of Sol4r Energy was fuelled by a shared vision among our team members, who had previously worked together and understood the need for exceptional customer service.
Our primary goal is to make our customers’ solar journey easy and enjoyable, free from any hassles. At our company, we operate like a big family. We continuously striving for improvement and excellence, all for the benefit of our valued customers. Having witnessed recurring issues faced by customers with their solar panels and batteries after installation, we were dissatisfied with the lacklustre customer service provided by many companies in the industry. This drove us to take matters into our own hands and establish Sol4r Energy.
While the journey was not without challenges, we overcame hurdles and secure the necessary certifications and approvals. From the very beginning, we have consistently remained focused on bridging the gap we identified in the solar industry by offering comprehensive solutions. Our services cover seamless sales processes, flawless installations, and exceptional after-service. We are committed to continuous learning and improvement and this has earned us nothing but praise from our customers.
In-roof solar panel installation

Sol4r Energy goes beyond being mere installers. We become your energy consultants, always prepared to support our customers whenever they require assistance.

The strong bond we share with our customers, akin to family, fosters an environment where they openly share ideas and suggestions. This contributes to our continuous growth and recognition in the industry.


At Sol4r Energy, we take great pride in our in-house installation team. It collectively possesses 27 years of construction experience and 5 years of specialised solar installation expertise, making them experts in the field. Our highly skilled team consists of ‘City & Guilds’ qualified installers as well as ‘BPEC’ qualified engineers. This further ensures their proficiency in handling solar projects of any scale.

We prioritise continuous development and our team undergoes regular training. This includes electrical courses and solar PV courses, to stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies. With an emphasis on quality and expertise, our in-house installation team works closely with reputable solar companies like Solax, Growatt, FoxEss, Alpha, and many others, guaranteeing top-notch results. When you choose Sol4r Energy, you can trust that your solar project is in the capable hands of our dedicated and skilled team.

Solar Panels


Our sales team is the backbone of Sol4r Energy, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With an average tenure of over 7 years in the solar industry, our representatives have a deep understanding of how solar systems work inside out. When you choose us, we embark on a special journey together. We keep you informed every step of the way, from the installation process to maximising the benefits of your solar system. Even after installation, our commitment doesn’t waver. The team remain in touch and readily provide assistance with anything you need, from new tariffs to valuable advice.

Insight into Our Journey and Vision

Our Foundation and Experience

Since our inception, we’ve been deeply involved in the energy sector, contributing significantly to establishing prominent brands. Our journey is marked by a commitment to innovation and addressing unmet needs within the market

Core Team and Direct Manufacturer Relationships

At our core, we’re powered by a team of dedicated electrical engineers and foster direct relationships with manufactures. This approach not only ensures immediate communication but also facilitates onsite collaboration when necessary. We’ve hosted exclusive training programs with manufacturers at our head offices in Sutton and Central London, emphasising the depth of our direct partnerships.

Sol4r Energy Vision
Solar Energy team

Comprehensive In-House Capabilities

Our in-house capabilities are comprehensive, including installation teams, administrative support, sales, and training departments. We pride ourselves to the highest standards, as evidenced by recent inspections from regulatory bodies like NAPIT and MCS. Our commitment extends to continually updating our team on new products and engaging in constructive dialogue with manufacturers to steer the market’s direction.

We take pride in holding several important accreditations and certifications. 

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