Esso Hylands Service Station, located in Great Bookham is a popular and busy petrol station known for offering competitive petrol prices in the area. The station also features a Spar store, Subway, and a car wash. With no gas supply on the premises, the station relies entirely on electricity, resulting in considerable operational expenses. 

The primary objective of the client was to significantly reduce their electricity consumption and operating costs. By utilising solar energy, they aimed to offset a substantial portion of their energy needs, thereby minimising their reliance on the grid. Additionally, the client sought a reliable and experienced installer to ensure seamless execution and long-term maintenance of the solar panel system.







We have proposed a solar panel system to meet the client’s requirements after carrying out a detailed survey. The technology included 75 Sharp 550W solar panels, collectively providing an installed capacity of 41.250 kWp. Additionally, we installed 1 Growatt 40KTL3-X 3ph inverter and 1 Growatt MOD 5000 TL3-X 3ph inverter. 

Our proposed solution was supported by comprehensive structural calculations and performance estimates aimed at optimising energy generation. The estimated annual output measured 50,000 kWh, and the investment pay off period was 2 years, making it a highly cost-effective investment for the client. 

The system is supported by extensive warranties. These were 5-year workmanship warranty, 25-year panel product warranty, 25-year panel performance warranty, 10-year inverter product warranty and 5-year maintenance warranty. 


During the implementation phase of the solar panel installation at Esso Hylands Service Station, our team at SOL4R ENERGY displayed a high level of expertise and dedication, ensuring a disruption-free installation process. We took great care in placing the scaffolding in the parking bays carefully, so as not to disturb the parking facilities at the petrol station. 

Solar panels on Esso petrol station
Solar Panels

Disruption-Free and Safety-Focused Installation:

Recognising the importance of maintaining the station’s normal operations, we carefully planned and executed the installation to ensure minimal disruption. Our team worked with utmost precision and efficiency, allowing the station to continue its daily activities without interruption. The installation of the solar panels on the canopy was carried out with great care. This was to ensure the safety of both our staff and the public, as well as the protection of the station’s infrastructure.

We understood the client’s concerns about potential business interruptions and took every measure to avoid any disturbances. The well-coordinated efforts of our in-house teams, comprising skilled technicians, roofers, and electricians, allowed us to complete the installation smoothly and within the agreed-upon timeframe. 

Throughout the installation process, we upheld the highest safety standards to protect our staff, the public, and the premises. Our team, who is fully trained in Health & Safety, implemented stringent safety measures at every stage of the installation. 

Complex Canopy Installation:

The petrol station’s canopy presented a unique challenge for installing solar panels. The complex structure required careful planning and execution. To tackle this, we deployed a specialised team of roofers who were well-versed in handling intricate installations. They placed the brackets, conducted a detailed structural weight survey, and took extensive precautions to prevent any potential leakages.

Pitch Roofs:

In addition to the canopy, the petrol station’s premises featured pitch roofs, adding complexity to the installation process. Our team took great care in installing the solar panels on the pitch roofs, strategically placing them to utilise solar energy efficiently. Furthermore, we installed bird protection measures on the pitch roofs. This was in order to prevent birds from roosting at the sites of solar panels and to avoid potential expensive, long-term damage. The cable runs, totalling almost 1000 meters, were also expertly laid out and concealed effectively to preserve the station’s aesthetics and ensure a clean and seamless appearance.

Challenges with High-Voltage Inverter:

One of the notable challenges involved the high-voltage 3-phase inverter, which was located in the basement. Our experienced 3-phase electricians and head of installation took charge of this aspect. They handled the connection to the meter, ensuring a robust and efficient electrical setup.

Solar three phase inverter
Solar panels on Esso petrol station


Our skilled and dedicated in-house team successfully executed the installation process. We coordinated efforts seamlessly to complete the installation within the agreed-upon timeframe. 

We handled the necessary Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registration and facilitated grid connection under G99 regulations. Our team also managed all interactions with the UK Power Network on behalf of the client, ensuring a smooth process.

An important thing to note is that this installation is the first-ever solar panel project on an Esso petrol station. This achievement has been recognised and appreciated by the Esso group, highlighting the importance of adopting sustainable practices in the fuel retail industry. As word spreads about our service and seamless execution, inquiries from other Esso franchises have started pouring in.